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David L. Gilmore died on 2004-09-29.

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David L. Morril died on 1849-01-28.

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Q: When did David L. Morril die?
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When was David L. Morril born?

David L. Morril was born on 1772-06-10.

What has the author David L Morril written?

David L. Morril has written: 'Message from His Excellency David Lawrence Morril to the legislature of New-Hampshire, June 4th, 1824'

What has the author David Laurence Morril written?

David Laurence Morril has written: 'A concise letter written to Rev. Daniel Merrill, A.M., of Sedgwick' -- subject(s): Baptism, Close and open communion 'Mr. Morril submitted the following motion for consideration' -- subject(s): Bounties, Military, Military Bounties, Surveys

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When did David L. Bazelon die?

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When did David L. Mackenzie die?

David L. Mackenzie died in 1926.

When did David L. Dunlap die?

David L. Dunlap died in 1930.

When did David L. Norton die?

David L. Norton died in 1995.

When did David L. Seymour die?

David L. Seymour died in 1867.

When did David L. Clarke die?

David L. Clarke died in 1976.

When did David L. Lawrence die?

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When did David L. Loew die?

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