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David Rockmore died in ???? of AIDS.

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Q: When did David Rockmore die?
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When did Noel Rockmore die?

Noel Rockmore died on 1995-02-19.

When did Gladys Rockmore Davis die?

Gladys Rockmore Davis died on 1967-02-16.

When did Clara Rockmore die?

Clara Rockmore died on May 10, 1998, in New York City, New York, USA of natural causes.

What movie and television projects has David Rockmore been in?

David Rockmore has: Performed in "Cowboys and Indians" in 1989. Played Davey in "Davey and the Cruisers" in 1989. Performed in "Rites of Manhood" in 1989. Performed in "Air Male" in 1990. Performed in "Jumper" in 1991. Performed in "The Rockmore Files" in 1992. Performed in "Powertool 2: Breaking Out" in 1992. Performed in "Widespread" in 1995.

When was Mount Rockmore created?

Mount Rockmore was created in 2007.

When was Noel Rockmore born?

Noel Rockmore was born on 1928-12-15.

What has the author Noel Rockmore written?

Noel Rockmore has written: 'Preservation Hall portraits, Paintings by Noel Rockmore' -- subject(s): Musicians, Portraits

What is the birth name of Clara Rockmore?

Clara Rockmore's birth name is Clara Reisenberg.

When was Gladys Rockmore Davis born?

Gladys Rockmore Davis was born on 1901-05-11.

When was Clara Rockmore born?

Clara Rockmore was born on March 9, 1911, in Lithuania, Russian Empire.

Who composed Song of Grusia?

Clara (Reisenberg) Rockmore

What has the author Gladys Rockmore Davis written?

Gladys Rockmore Davis has written: 'The Complete Book of House Plants' 'There's an Elephant in the Garden' 'Pastel painting' -- subject- s -: Pastel drawing