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Technically, Cleveland leaves Quahog in episode one of The Cleveland Show, but the last main appearance of Cleveland in Family Guy was in Road to the Multiverse where he is a Disney-style skunk in the Disney universe. He is mentioned in the next episode, Family Goy, as having left.

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Cleveland Brown was never actually seen leaving Quahog in Family Guy. He left in the first episode of The Cleveland Show.

Now that The Cleveland Show has ended, Cleveland and his family will return to Quahog in the Family Guy episode He's Black. Air date unknown as of August 2013.

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He's never seen moving in 'Family Guy'. He is seen leaving Quahog in the first episode of 'The Cleveland Show'

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Q: When did Cleveland leave Family Guy?
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Who is Cleveland Brown's wife on Family Guy?

Cleveland isn't on 'Family Guy' anymore however his wife's name was "Loretta", his current wife's name on 'The Cleveland Show' is "Donna".

What is Cleveland's last name from Family Guy?

Cleveland Brown

Why did Cleveland leave Family Guy?

Because that's what a spinoff is, when a character from a show leaves to appear in his own show. If you mean why did he within the Family Guy world, he divorced Loretta and wanted a new start.

Is Family Guy cancelled now that they've made The Cleveland Show?


Will Cleveland Brown not appear in Family Guy anymore and only on the Cleveland Show?

This question was asked in 2010, being that at the date is currently Sept 2011. obviously the answer is yes, Cleveland will still appear on Family Guy from time to time but not as a main character.

What happend to Cleveland's old wife from Family Guy?

She died when Peter's shenanigans once again crushed the upstairs of Cleveland's house and she slid with the bathtub and broke her neck. Although technically it didn't happen "in" Family Guy. It was shown in an episode of Cleveland

Who Are The friends In Family Guy?

If you are talking about Peter's friends they are Cleveland, Joe, and Quagmire.

Who did Cleveland kill when they were standed on a dessert island on family guy?

Skeet Ulrich

In the hit TV series Family Guy what is Cleveland's favorite color?

There is no answer for this question.

In which Family Guy episodes does Cleveland fall in the bathtub?

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What season of family guy is the Cleveland loretta quagmire episode in?

its on season 4

Cartoon carater name that begin with a c?

Cleveland Brown (Family Guy)