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Cleveland Brown

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Joe Swanson

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Q: What is Cleveland's last name from Family Guy?
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What is Joe's last name in American dad?

There is no Joe in American Dad, there is in Family Guy. His last name is Swanson.

What is Clevlends last name?

i am assuming that you are referring to Cleveland on family guy. if so, Cleveland,s last name is Brown.

What is guy sensei last name?

Might Guy is Guy sensei's last name

How come family guy is called family griffin in Italy?

my guess is that it is called that because of the fact that the show is based on a family with the last name griffin

What is Carl's full name on Family Guy?

As of January 2012, he's only known as Carl. He hasn't been given a last name.

What is the name of the hippie looking guy In Family Guy?

His name is Bruce.

Where does your last name Guy come from?

My last name is French (German)

Where does last name guy come from?

My last name is French (German)

Is your last name your dad's dad's name?

YES. Your father inherited his father's Family Name (his Last Name) and, you inherited your Father's Family Name. -- Not necessarily. If the woman became pregnant through a one night stand & never told the father or the father simply left prior to birth, the mother would give the baby her last name, especially if the woman was not married to the guy. It would still be the family name, but on its mother's side.

What is Toby's last name on Family Guy?

There's no such character named Toby. You're referring to Bruce whose ancestor was named Tobi.Bruce however has not been given a last name.

What is the name of the horse from Family Guy?

Family Gay is the Family Guy episode that Peter gets a horse in.

What is the policeman's name on family guy?

Joe Swanson is the wheelchair-bound paraplegic cop on Family Guy.