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Cicely Mary Barker died on 1973-02-16.

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Q: When did Cicely Mary Barker die?
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What was Cicely Mary Barker's first published book?

it was lumber quater

What is Cecily Mary Barker famous for?

Cicely Mary Barker was a famous illustrator that was most well known for her illustrations of fairies and flowers. Cicely attended the Croydon School of Art where she began her journey into this field.

What paints did Cicely Mary Barker use to paint flower fairys?

She worked principally in watercolor with pen-and-ink.

When did Mary Anne Barker die?

Mary Anne Barker died in 1911.

When did Mary Barker die?

Mary Barker died on July 30, 1913, in Ossining, New York, USA.

What is the birth name of Cicely Oates?

Cicely Oates's birth name is Cicely Mary Oates.

What is the birth name of Cicely Hamilton?

Cicely Hamilton's birth name is Cicely Mary Hammill.

When was Mary Barker born?

Mary Barker was born in 1848.

What has the author Cicely Mary Botley written?

Cicely Mary Botley has written: 'The air and its mysteries' -- subject(s): Air, Meteorology, Weather

When was Mary Anne Barker born?

Mary Anne Barker was born in 1831.

When did Cicely Margaret Escott die?

Cicely Margaret Escott died in 1977.

When did Cicely Courtneidge die?

Cicely Courtneidge died on April 26, 1980 at the age of 87.