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Cellach of Armagh died in 1129.

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Q: When did Cellach of Armagh die?
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When was Cellach of Armagh born?

Cellach of Armagh was born in 1080.

When did Cellach Cualann die?

Cellach Cualann died in 715.

When did Cellach húa Rúanada die?

Cellach húa Rúanada died in 1079.

When did Cellach mac Rogallaig die?

Cellach mac Rogallaig died in 705.

When did Cellach mac Brain die?

Cellach mac Brain died in 834.

When did Cellach mac Fáelchair die?

Cellach mac Fáelchair died in 735.

When did Cellach mac Dúnchada die?

Cellach mac Dúnchada died in 776.

When did Cellach mac Máele Coba die?

Cellach mac Máele Coba died in 658.

When did Cellach Tosach mac Donngaile die?

Cellach Tosach mac Donngaile died in 809.

When did Benignus of Armagh die?

Benignus of Armagh died in 467.

When did Cornelius of Armagh die?

Cornelius of Armagh died in 1176.

When did Michael Boyle - archbishop of Armagh - die?

Michael Boyle - archbishop of Armagh - died in 1702.