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When The Rock beat him 2013. I think it was at the Elimination Chamber because it was before he fought at Wrestlemania for the WWE championship.

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2014-05-13 11:54:10
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Q: When did CM Punk lose his WWE championship belt?
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When did cm punk lose championship his belt?

He didn't lose his championship belt, but he has decided to retire from professional wrestling as of May 2014. CM Punk has had problems with fans, and according to a friend has become disillusioned with the entire industry. His rumored retirement has yet to be confirmed by WWE.

Who holds the WWE championship belt this 2012?

As of now C M Punk is the wwe champ

How many days did cm punk held the WWE championship belt for?


When is john Cena going to lose his WWE championship belt?

He has now.

How much pounds does the WWE world heavyweight championship weigh?

CM PUnk said his belt was 40pounds

When is cm punk going to reveal the new WWE championship belt?

if he wins against the rock at royal rumvle. if he loses the wwe will continue to have the wwe spiiner belt or if the rock wins they might bring back the winged eagle belt , atiitiude era or undisputed championship belt

Why is the WWE championship not in WWE?

Cm Punk did not sign a new contract but not because he doesn't like the company, he is burned out and needs some time off. The WWE championship is still in the WWE. They will have a new belt designed.

When is john Cena going to lose his WWE championship belt NEVER...................................?


What does the WWE champion get?

The WWE Championship Belt.

What is the measurements for the diamonds in the WWE championship?

Cm punk

How long did CM Punk have the WWE Championship?

CM Punk held the WWE Championship title for 434 days (November 20, 2011 to January 27, 2013).

What does the WWE championship belt look like?

its a golden belt and has the wwe sighn on it

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