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Bring Me The Horizon was noticed by Austin from Of Mince And Men and they started working together.

Soon later, they had children together.

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3 years according to me...

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Q: When did Bring Me The Horizon start?
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When was Bring Me the Horizon created?

Bring Me the Horizon was created in 2004.

Does bring you the horizon have a?

Um maybe you are thinking of the band Bring Me The Horizon?

Is bring you the horizon a rock song?

It's a rock band. And they're called Bring Me the Horizon

In the video the saddness will never end who was the 2nd singer from bring you the horizon?

Sam Carter (Not in Bring me the Horizon.)

What does Jona Weinhoten play in Bring you The Horizon?

Guitar. He has been playing in Bring Me The Horizon since 2009.

When did Bring you The Horizon first come out?

What chennl bring it out

Is there an album by Bring you the Horizon called September is suicide season?

the band is Bring Me The Horizon and the album is Suicide Season.

What type of music is Bring Me the Horizon known for?

Bring Me the Horizon seems to be generally recognized as a genre known as metalcore/deathcore.

The age of bring you the horizon?

1. ur an idiot its BRING ME THE HORIZON 2. Their in like their 20's early 20's

When was Count Your Blessings - Bring Me the Horizon album - created?

Count Your Blessings - Bring Me the Horizon album - was created on 2006-10-30.

Who are bring you the horizen?

If you are referring to "Bring Me the Horizon" they are a metalcore band from England

How many albums dose bring you the horizon have?

Bring me the Horizon have: 3 Studio albums. 1 Demo album. 1 Remix album.