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Q: What is Matt Nicholls from Bring Me The Horizon's middle name?
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Who is Matt Nicholls?

he's the drummer in Bring Me the Horizon

What does Matt Nicholls play in Bring Me The Horizon?

He plays the drums

Did Matt nicholls die?

No he did not! He is still alive and playing for Bring Me The Horizon!

Who are the band members in 'bring me the horizon'?

Oliver Sykes, Jona weinhofen, Matt Nicholls, Lee Malia, Matt Kean.

Who are the band members in bring you the horizon?

Jona Weinhoten Oliver Sykes Lee Malia Matt Nicholls Matt Kean

Are Matt Nicholls and his girlfriend still going out?

Yes they are.

What Cymbals did Matt Nicholls use on suicide season?

Zildjian A customs

Who sings womb 2 da tomb?

oli Sykes, tom Sykes, Matt nicholls

Who is Matt nicholls girlfriend?

to the person who answered before..His girlfriend isn't alyssa Harvard?? its Natalie davies

When is Lee Malias Matt Nicholls Matt Keans and Curtis Wards birthday?

I believe Lee Malia's birthday is June 4th. I don't know about the others.

What are the release dates for Matt's Decision - 2011?

Matt's Decision - 2011 was released on: USA: 29 October 2011 (Coastal Horizons Center)

How old is Matt Nichols?

Matt Nicholls (drummer) is 31 years old (born March 22, 1986).