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Matt Webb does not have a middle name.

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Q: What is Matt Webb from Marianas Trench Middle name?
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Who is Jessica King Dating?

Matt Webb from the Canadian band Marianas Trench

Who is the rest of the band members in Mariana Trench and how old are they?

MARIANAS TRENCH (not Mariana Trench or even Mariana's Trench.) The band members are Lead Vocals/Guitar: Josh Ramsay (26) Lead Guitar/Vocals: Matt Webb (23) Bass/Vocals: Mike Ayley (27) and Drums/Vocals: Ian Casselman (27) All from Vancouver, B.C. Website: Myspace:

What type of music does marianas trench play?

Josh Ramsay sings and plays guitar, Matt Webb is the lead guitarist and also plays piano/keyboard, Mike Ayley is the bassist, and Ian Casselman is the drummer.

Who are the members in marianas trench?

Josh= June 11th 1983 Matt= April 20, 1987 Mike=______________ Ian= July 15, 19** ~To help out that first answer, Josh's is right, Matt's March 12th 1987 (87 I'm pretty sure, in a debate with another Trencher right now actually about his age, I'm pretty sure he's 24 though..) Mike's Nov. 1st 1980 and Ian's is July 15 1980 hope I cleared somethings up! ~#1MarianasTrenchWench btw this was answered in 2011 Well what the first person failed to realize is that Josh and Matt went to school together and were in the same grade so they are either the same age or a year apart and Josh's birthdate seems pretty accurate factorin in the ages and years that he has mentioned in interviews.

What is Matt webb's favorite color?

Yeah its true that i watch every concert for A7X and i see M Shadow wearing mostly Black, so its black