When did Boris Vian die?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Boris Vian died on June 23, 1959 at the age of 39.

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Boris Vian was born on March 10, 1920.

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Q: When did Boris Vian die?
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What is Boris Vian's birthday?

Boris Vian was born on March 10, 1920.

How old was Boris Vian at death?

Boris Vian died on June 23, 1959 at the age of 39.

How old is Boris Vian?

Boris Vian was born on March 10, 1920 and died on June 23, 1959. Boris Vian would have been 39 years old at the time of death or 95 years old today.

What has the author Michel Rybalka written?

Michel Rybalka has written: 'Boris Vian'

What movie and television projects has Boris Vian been in?

Boris Vian has: Played Le lotophage in "Aller et retour" in 1948. Performed in "Saint-Tropez, devoir de vacances" in 1952. Played The Cardinal in "Notre-Dame de Paris" in 1956. Played himself in "Boris Vian, la vie jazz" in 2009. Played himself in "Politically InKorect" in 2013.

Who owns the copyrights for Boris Vian songs?

Various songs have various administrators, including Music Sales Group and Warner Chappell, to name but two. In life+50 countries (such as Canada), Boris Vian's works are in the public domain.

When did Alain Vian die?

Alain Vian died in 1995, in France.

When did Philip Vian die?

Philip Vian died on 1968-05-27.

What is a Clavicocktail?

A fictional machine in Boris Vian's Froth on the Daydream (Original title in French), that created a cocktail based on a song played on a piano.

Where is Vian Public School located?

Vian Public School is located in Vian, Oklahoma. All of the questions regarding public schools in Vian can be sent to Vian public school organisation PO Box 434, Vian, OK 74962.

How many pages does Autumn in Peking have?

Autumn in Peking is by Boris Vian. The TamTam Book version 284 pages. It is a psychological thriller.

When was Vian Sora born?

Vian Sora was born in 1976.