When did Boris Altshuler die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Boris Altshuler died in 1994, in Moscow, Russia.

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Q: When did Boris Altshuler die?
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What is the birth name of Boris Altshuler?

Boris Altshuler's birth name is Altschuler, Boris Abramovich.

When was Boris Altshuler born?

Boris Altshuler was born on May 26, 1904, in Moscow, Russia.

What nicknames does Vanessa Altshuler go by?

Vanessa Altshuler goes by V.

How tall is Vanessa Altshuler?

Vanessa Altshuler is 5' 4 1/2".

What has the author David A Altshuler written?

David A. Altshuler has written: 'Hitler's War Against the Jews (No. Hbs-217)'

When did Boris Chicherin die?

Boris Chicherin died in 1904.

When did Boris Shpis die?

Boris Shpis died in 1939.

When did Boris Koyalovich die?

Boris Koyalovich died in 1941.

When did Boris Brasol die?

Boris Brasol died in 1963.

When did Boris Shpitalniy die?

Boris Shpitalniy died in 1972.

When did Boris Orlov die?

Boris Orlov died in 1981.

When did Boris Vladimirski die?

Boris Vladimirski died in 1950.