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Q: When and where did the story every child is special happen?
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What happens in every single story?

Something. Seriously. Every story has something happen or it's a boring story. You need conflict and tension for it to be interesting, and that's when things happen.

Who are the characters in the story 'Every Child is Special'?

The main characters in the film "Every Child is Special" (also known as "Taare Zameen Par") are Ishaan Awasthi, a young boy who struggles with dyslexia and is played by Darsheel Safary, and his art teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh, played by Aamir Khan. The story revolves around their relationship and how Nikumbh helps Ishaan discover his talents and overcome his learning difficulties.

Did the story of sammuel happen all in one day in the bible?

No the story of Samuel is a long one, from a child to a pold man . It is written in two books in the bible.

How do you write a speculative story?

Speculation just means thinking about what might happen IF -- you write the story in the same way you write every other story, just write it about "what might happen if" instead of about something that's already happened. Science fiction is the number one speculative story genre.

Is there a book on Taare Zameen Par?

There is no book specifically titled "Taare Zameen Par," but the movie itself, directed by Aamir Khan, portrays the story of a dyslexic child named Ishaan and has been adapted into a children's book titled "Every Child is Special" by Amole Gupte, who wrote the screenplay for the film.

Is the book one child a true story?

The book, "One Child" is based on a true story. It is a very moving book, and if you have not read it, I strongly suggest that you do so. It will change your perspective on life and hopefully make appreciate the small things in life. -M.

What is your reaction about the movie every child is special?

I loved it! there's no reason to hate it.. Even though it is a Hindi film, if you really want to know the story you'll understand it, of course you need a subtitle. It's touching and superb! there's a lot of great Hindi movies...

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The setting of the story is not specified.

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