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Yes but some of the movie wasn't true

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Q: Is the movie Someone Else's Child based on a true story?
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What are similar movies to Someone Else's Child where the movie has the same theme and topic?

Similar movies to Someone Else's Child, where the movie has the same theme and topic, would be My Name is Steven. Both of these movies are based on actual events about children.

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"One Shot" is supposedly in the works at Paramount.

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No, a movie has not been made based on the book "A Child Called It" by Dave Pelzer. The book has gained popularity for its powerful depiction of child abuse and survival.

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No, the movie was based on the book Relic not the other way around.There was a sequel novel written by the same authors, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child titled Reliquary.

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no the previews are a fake and they used pecies of Narnia for it. i wish there was.

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