Whats so good about Disney

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Everything! Disney is so magical and special! :)

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Q: Whats so good about Disney
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it is part of the Disney group

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What a stupid quetsion.Walt Disney IS a studio!

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Answer :New shows is Shake it Up and i know that this is not the question but new Disney channel movies is Avalon High and Tron.

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Disney character are a good design for newborn kids, because the bring out a positive attitude as well as the idea that they look cute. So using Disney characters would surely be a good idea.

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Disney hires the same people for movies so the save money and makes new songs, Disney also bought club penguin, so now u have to pay money 2 get good stuff.

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Good question! When you plan your cruise, you need to let Disney know about your dietary restrictions so they can help you.

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