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I don't think so

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Q: Do Disney channel stars have a kik?
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How many Disney channel stars are there?

There are over 100,000,000 stars on Disney Channel!

When was Disney Channel Circle of Stars created?

Disney Channel Circle of Stars was created in 2003.

When did Disney Channel Circle of Stars end?

Disney Channel Circle of Stars ended in 2005.

What Disney stars have kik?

If they do, they do not share them with the public or their fans unless they announce otherwise.

Is Disney channel doing the Disney channel games in 2010?

No, it was too hard to get the stars together.

How can you talk to stars on Disney channel?

You cant

Who are the cheetah girls?

They are Disney channel stars

Have any Disney channel stars die?


Where do the Disney channel stars sleep?

In their houses

Is tapasvi mehta a Disney channel singer?

he is an actor who stars in the show ishaan on Disney channel,not a singer

What is the youngest Disney channel stars nude?

The youngest nude Disney channel star is Miley Cyrus :)

What are some famous Disney Channel Stars?

There are many famous Disney Channel stars. Some of the most well-known are Victoria Justice, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Kyle Massey. There is a long list of Disney Channel stars on the IMDb website.