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Sue Helen Petrie and I were childhood friends when I attended Humberside Collegiate near High Park in the West End of Toronto in approximately 1968.
I auditioned for the play "The Marriage Proposal" (Chekhov) - and not only landed the part - but won an Award of Merit at the Simpson's Drama Festival for my portrayal of Lomov.
Sue was so taken with my performance that she actually approached her own Theatrical Agent in an unselfish effort to help me secure an agent.
I confess that Sue was the first young woman I ever had a crush on.
One day, I recall bumping into the fresh-faced beauty outside Humberside High, and she literally took my breath away.
That year, Sue was starring in her own TV sitcom on CBC, titled "Toby".
During that high-school year, I was having family problems - and the hippie lifestyle was all the rage - so I ran away to Vancouver (B.C.) in the dead of winter to pursue my dream of becoming a full-fledged artist.
Consequently, I lost touch with Sue for that duration.
However, when I returned home to Toronto a year or so later, I bumped into Sue on a city street near Yorkville.
Ah, Ms. Petrie was just as breath-takingly beautiful as ever!
Since I was last in touch, Sue managed to land a couple of roles in major motion pictures produced in Canada.
One day, when I was visiting her at her family home near High Park, she noted that her mother had died of cancer (I believe).
I took off for a trek to New York and then ended up in Los Angeles.
One day, out-of-the-blue, I decided to flag a cab on a busy Los Angeles Street (which one never did at that time in the big bad orange) - at which point - a yellow cab purred up and I subsequently hopped in.
I was on my way to audition for a part.
At one point, I glanced in the rear view mirror up front, and couldn't believe my eyes!
Sue was driving the cab.
"Sue, it's me," I cried out excitedly.
When we were childhood friends, I used my birth name, but changed it when I moved to Hollywood.
I felt a pang of sadness.
Sue, the great beauty - and Toronto's top actress - was here in Tinseltown driving a cab???
Sue confessed that it was difficult to land her green card.
"I've had to pay a lot of money to an attorney," she whispered across the back seat of the moving car.
"But you were a big star in Canada," I blurted out (and angered at the mere thought that Sue may have been dismissed so quickly by these Hollywood phonies).
"They laughed when I showed them my acting reels," she sighed.
At this point, she pulled up to the curb, and noted that we had arrived at the studio where my audition was being held.
We said a heartfelt good-bye and promised to meet up on another occasion.
But, Sue vanished!
I never caught site of her ever again.
I have searched now and then on the internet in recent years when I became computer savvy - but unfortunately - have not been able to dredge up any leads.
Yes, whatever happened to Sue?
If you locate her, please get in touch right away, eh?

Julian Ayrs
PO Box 691311
West Hollywood, California


(formerly Don Holyoak of Toronto)

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Q: Whatever happened to Sue Helen Petrie?
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