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The song May It Be, composed by Enya, was released in 2001. It was originally released as part of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack.

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6th March 1970.

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Q: What year did the song let it be by the Beatles come out?
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What year did let it be come out?

The single, Let It Be, was recorded by the Beatles in January 1969. The album, Let It Be was recorded by the Beatles between February 1968 and April 1970.

When was the Beatles song Let It Be released?

The Beatles song Let It Be was released in May 8, 1970. Let It Be was written by Paul McCartney. Let It Be is also the name of the album that the song is in.

Is 'Let It Be' a Rolling Stone song?

No, let it be is not a rolling stone song it is a Beatles song.

Which Beatles album has the song Let it Be?

"Let It Be" is the title track from the Let It Be album. Let It Be was the last album to be released by the Beatles.

Who has the copyright of Let it be song . Is it Yoko?

More likely Paul McCartney. "Let It Be" is a Beatles song, not a Lennon song.

What was the first song on the last Beatles album?

"Come Together" on Abbey Road, and "Two Of Us" on Let It Be. two of us

How long was the Beatles song let it be in the charts?

It still is

What is Justin Bieber's favorite Song by the beatles?

Let it be

What's The Beatles most famous song?

let it be

Was there a song in the 80s called let it be you?

yes it was by the beatles

What is the most cool song ever?

Let it Be by the Beatles

What year did let you ride that donkey song come out?

The song, 'Let Me Ride that Donkey' came out in the year of 2013. The song is sung by the group, 69 Boyz.