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yes it was by The Beatles

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Q: Was there a song in the 80s called let it be you?
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Who sang the 80s new wave song livin in the 80s?

Killing Joke. Song was called "Eighties"

Mario winans song let me love you was sampled from what original song?

This song has pinched it's sound from Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend from the 80s`

Was there a progressive rock band in the 80s that had a song called tightrope?

Argent, album is called "Circus"

Which group IN THE 80s had a song called Proud?

Joe Chemay Band-1981

Who sang the 80s song its your life?

If your thinking of the song I am thinking of, Its called its MY life. It is by Bon Jovi

Who sings the song called only so many tears?

Dokken had a song in the 80s called "So Many Tears". Would have to look up the album though....

Is there such a song form the 80s or 90s called mr wendell?

Yes. Mr. Wendell was a song performed by the group Arrested Development. The song was released in 1993.

Which group IN THE 70s 80s had a song called the proud one?

70s 80s is not very clear firstly. Is it 70s or 80s or 70s/80s? My only suggestion is Creedence Clearwater Revival and that you are thinking of 'Proud Mary'. NOTICE USE OF QUOTES TO HIGHLIGHT title.

Name the song from 80s television with violin instruments?

well there's one song called Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners.

80s female artist sang song called all in all?

Joyce Sims - All and All

Who is Henry lee on Train song?

I believe it is Henry Lee Summer (of "Wish I had a Girl" fame) There are a lot of 80s music references in the song & on the album, & Henry Lee Summer had a song called "My Turn Train" in the 80s as well. That's my guess, but their are a lot of theories out there!

How do you find the song Let the Alter Shine by MeatLoaf?

Meatloaf did not do a song called "Let The Altar Shine". However he did do a song called "Heaven Can Wait" and it has the lyrics "let the altar shine" in it. Maybe that is the song you are looking for.