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River Song first appeared in 2008, when David Tennant was still playing the Doctor. The first time we saw River Song was when she died. River and the Doctor are moving in opposite directions in time, so as we, the viewers, move forward with the Doctor, we are seeing River Song's past.

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Q: What year did River Song first appear in Doctor Who?
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Who plays River Song in Doctor Who?

River Song is played by Alex Kingston.

Why do the Doctor and River Song have diaries in Doctor Who?

So the Doctor and River can catch up to eachother on what they have done.

Who is the astronaut in Doctor Who?

river song

Is Amy Pond the daughter of the Doctor and River Song?

No We saw Amy's parents in season 5 the Big Bang.Infact, River Song is the daughter of Amy and Rory.Meaning that if the Doctor and River Song's marriage was legitimate, Amy is technically the Doctor's mother-in-law. Wierd.

If River Song is Amy's daughter then what is the Doctor's relationship to River?

The Doctor and River Song have a romantic relationship. River married a robot of the Doctor that was controled by the Doctor while in an alternate reality, which brings about the question of whether the marriage ever actually happened, and if it counts because technically River married a robot.

What did River Song whisper in Doctor whos ear?

the doctor's proper name

In Doctor Who does River Song marry The Doctor?

YES; he marries her in an alternate time line that then reverts making the marriage null and void in the episode "The Wedding of River Song".

Are the Doctor and River Song married?

Yes, they had a very brief and spontaneous little ceremony in the episode "The Wedding of River Song."

Who was the astronaught that killed the doctor in Doctor Who?

River Song (a.k.a Mel, Melody Pond)

Did the doctor die on the wedding of river song?

No it was the Teselecta and the doctor and his TARDIS were inside, driving it.

Who is better for the Doctor Rose Tyler or River Song and why?


What will the next series of Doctor Who be about?

River song and the new daleks.