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river that inspired a song

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Q: What Virginia river inspired a song?
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Virginia river inspired a song?

river that inspired a song

Who composed Shenandoah?

Shenandoah is an American folk song. The composer is unknown. With possible origins in Virginia, noting that its title is also the name of a Virginia river, the song has been considered for Virginia's official state song. In his 1931 book on sea and river chanteys entitled Capstan Bars, David Bone wrote that "Oh Shenandoah" originated as a river shanty and then became popular with sea-going crews in the early 1800s

Why can't Country Roads be West Virginia's State Song?

1. The song refers to the Shenandoah River, of which only a small fraction flows thru WV, the rest of it is in Virginia 2. Also referenced is the Blue Ridge Mountains, virtualy none of which are in West Virginia 3. Rumor has it the song was originally entitled "Old Virginia"

What was the Futurama theme song inspired by?

The Futurama theme song was inspired by a 1967 song by Pierre Henry called Psyche Rock.

What river in Virginia starts with O?

The Occoquan River is in Virginia. Its length is 39.8 kilometers.

What is the largest river in Virginia?

The largest estuary in Virginia is the Chesapeake bay.

What river is Alexandria Virginia on?

Potomac River

How many rivers are in Virginia?

There are three river systems that run through the state of Virginia. They are the Mississippi River, the Tennessee River and the Ohio River.

What bank of river did the Virginia company explorers establish the Virginia English colony?

James River

What rivers are in West Virginia?

There are many rivers in West Virginia. Some of them are the Ohio River, the Potomac River, the New River, the Kanawha River, the Greenbrier River, the Tug Fork River, and the Lost River.

What is a 10 letter river?

The Shenandoah is a U.S. river in Virginia and West Virginia. The St Lawrence is a major river in North America.

What river forms the northeastern border of Virginia?

The Potomac River