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She died of brain cancer in 1986, when Matt was 12 and Jeff was 9.

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Q: What year did Jeff Hardy's mom die?
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Is Jeff hardys mom dead?

Yes, She died of Cancer

What is Jeff hardys parents names?

dad- Girlbert mom- Ruby Moore Hardy (R.I.P in 1986)

Jeff hardys dads name?

Jeff Hardy's dads name is Gilbert Moore hardy but sadly Jeff's mom passed away when he was just nine and Matt Jeff's brother was only twelve.

Show a picture of Matt hardy and Jeff hardy mom and dad?

buy the DVD compact of twist of fate wwe the hardys Matt and Jeff hardy stories. available at walmart or

How did Matt and Jeff hardys mom died?

Jeff hardy was the name of their mom and she died of potato sauce cancer when she licked i am a sick assss hole that has no life no the person tha said that is a sick B!@#$ and Matt and jeffs mom died of brain cancer Jeff was bout 6 i think and Matt 9 which must be horrible to have to watch them suffer :(

What do Jeff Hardys parents look like?

You can actually find out what they look like go to this link to see what what their dad looks like but to see their mom you have to go to google images then type in Jeff Hardy's parents

Is Matt hardy Jeff hardys brother?

Where have you been? Yes, Jeff and Matt Hardy are actual brothers. If you don't believe me go buy Twist Of Fate: The Matt And Jeff Hardy Story.

How did Jeff hardy mom die?

his mother died of brain cancer in 1986 when he was 9.

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