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Hannah's mom never died.

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Q: What year did Hannah goslars mom die?
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HOW did Hannah Montana's moom die?

In the show Hannah Montana her mom died but in real life her mom is still alive

When did miley cyrus's REAL mom die and if so what year did she die?

Miley's mother didn't die. Her characters mom in Hannah Montana died, in real life she is still very much alive.

What year did destiny hope cyurs mom die and where?

She is still alive and her name is Leticia (Tish) Cyrus. Only in the popular tv show Hannah Montana did they say the character Miley Stewart's mom died.

On Hannah Montana how did her mom die?

she died from Terminal illness

Did Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana mom die?

there the same people....but in real life outside of the show mileys mom is still alive....but in the show...miley and Hannah are the same people and there mom in the show her mom is dead but in real life shes alive

Who is Hannah Procel?

i think it is hannah's mom

When did Miley Cyrus Mom die?

Her mother never died. Part of the story in Hannah Montana is that her mom died, but not in real life.

How did Hannah montanas mom look?

In the TV series, Hannah's mom was played by Brooke Shields

How did Hannah montanas mom die?

By getting ran over that what I think anyway!

How old was Miley Cyrus when here mom die in Hannah Montana?

she was 4 years old because in an episode i saw miley on crismas with her mom .

What year did Mariah Carey's mom die?

Her mom is not dead yet.

Did miley's mom die when Miley was a baby?

No, Miley's mom did not die when she was a baby. She in fact is still alive. Only for the show Hannah Montana Miley's mom died. But that is not the case for real life. So who those of you who thought that. Thing again.