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the projected profits from concessions.

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Q: What would not be a factor in determining the price of a ticket to a sporting event?
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What sporting event is on tonight?

In nfl green bay vs Chicago

How many seats in the palace of auburn hills?

The answer is 22,076 people in a sporting event, and over 24,000 for a concert.

Is there anything to do in Norman OK?

If you're not already in town to see a University of Oklahoma sporting event, why not consider one. Sooners football is the biggest draw, of course, and everyone should check out Heisman Park to see the statues. But don't forget about basketball, both men's and women's, as well as all the other exciting OU sporting events. Check the Sooners Athletics site for schedules and details.

What is the difference between an event organizer and a venue?

event organizer - organises an event venue - is where an event is planned to occur

Who really invented the electronic ticket?

The electronic ticket, or e-ticket for short, was invented and given its name by inventor Andre Gray when he began selling tickets for a concert through his Internet usenet group in June of 1991. The concert,which was headlined by rock group King's X and had The Eric Gales Band as an opening act, was held on July 13th,1991 at the Elco Theatre in Elkhart,Indiana. With a total of twenty seven tickets being sold electronically through the Internet, this was the first verifiable event of where the words "electronic tickets" were used and where the tickets were actually "paperless" and delivered to customers electronically. Since then, every industry in the world has adopted the e-ticket (where applicable) with very little or no changes from the original template as set forth by Gray, especially the airline industry.

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