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It is two tickets to a contort side by side.

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Q: What is a double pass to a concert?
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What do you call a concert pass way?


How do you get to hang out with Sully Erna at his concert?

Try to get a backstage pass

How can i meet ariana grande after concert?

A VIP pass maybe?

How can you get your daughter to meet Miley Cyrus after her concert?

get a backstage pass

How do you meet Rodney Adkins?

Go to his concert with a backstage pass.

How do you met diggy simmons?

Meet and Greet or Concert backstage pass

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Go to a concert with a backstage pass

What to bring to a Green Day Concert?

LOTS OF MONEY. And a v.i.p Pass

How big is a boarding pass?

its as big as a concert ticket, or a movie ticket.

Do you get to keep your backstage pass after the concert?

You can ask if you can keep it as a souvenir- you should be allowed to, since the pass is valid only for one specific concert at one venue on one date, and thus can never be re-used.

How much money for back stage pass for a Justin bieber concert?


What is the best way to meet lil Wayne?

concert back stage pass