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Q: What work environment and personality type does Mickey belong to?
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What work environment and personality type does Monica belong to?

Enterprising ;) -Jamianaaa

What type of job environment and personality does a person belong to if she teaches a children's church class is a senior center volunteer and wants a career using verbal skills with people?

sociall (:

Does blood type affect personality?

Blood type has no correlation to personality. This connection has not been shown in any research. Your blood type is a physical manifestation whereas your personality is influenced by your environment.

How do the type of work environment compare to the six personality types?

it describes each category in which each personality falls into depending on what you want to work with

What is Holland personality job fit theory?

A theory that identifies six personality types and pripeses that the fit between personality type and occupational environment determines satisfaction and turnover

Do people from the same country have the same personality type?

No, every individual is unique. They are brought up in a similar environment which results in some similarities, but none of them have the same personality.

What education is needed to become a Kleptomaniac?

Kleptomaniacs are people who have a compulsion to take things that do not belong to them. It is a type of personality disorder, and requires no specific training.

The factors influencing personality's?

the human personality talks about the whole being of does not only talks about the traits and attitude one posses. for me, the factor the influences more of the human personality is the environment where she/he lives...we are exposed to the environment more compare to other things, and also if may talked about is a type of environment... there is another factor that influences the personality and it is the heredity...the heredity factor is the one that influences the personality most because it tells u,, and shapes you in what you are born to be like

What type of personality starts with A?

There is a Type "A" personality. aggressive