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Thomas Hobbes had a very pessimistic view of human nature. He had called man's life, among other things, solitary, nasty, and short.

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Q: What were the views of Thomas Hobbes on the nature of man?
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Who said that the purpose of the state is to control the evil nature of man and compel him to act morally?

Thomas Hobbes

What man wrote this in a state of nature no government existed and life was cruel brutish and short?

Thomas Hobbes

What book did Thomas Hobbes write?

Thomas Hobbes wrote the book Leviathan.

What is. The condition of man... is a condition of war of everyone against everyone. Thomas Hobbes Thomas Hobbes felt that man's nature was to be?

Thomas Hobbes believed that the natural state of man was one of conflict and competition, where everyone sought to preserve their own interests. He argued that in such a state, life would be "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short" unless there was a social contract to establish order and protect individuals from each other.

What do people think of Thomas hobbes?

i think thomas hobbes is a very intelligent man! but his book the LEVIATHAN is very strang..

What are some of thomas hobbes works?

Some of Thomas Hobbes' notable works include "Leviathan," "De Cive," and "Behemoth." These works delve into political philosophy, social contract theory, and the nature of human nature and government. "Leviathan" is his most famous work, outlining his views on the necessity of a strong central authority to maintain social order.

What are thomas hobbes and john Locke's views of the social contract?

Social contract theory holds that in earliest history man lived in a state of nature. No government existed. Each man was only as secure as his own power and mental awareness could make him. There views would be as pre-enlightenment thinkers.

Significant contribution of thomas hobbes in his man is a social animal?

Philosopher, Thomas Hobbes most important contributions are social contract theory and political philosophy. Hobbes believed man operated solely based on his own self-interests. Man's animal nature allows him to live independently without regard for others. The only escape from this 'State of war,' is to enter into a social compact in which a portion of man's rights must be surrendered to achieve the ideal of security in a social existence.

Can you name a few philosophers who say man is inherently bad?

Thomas Hobbes

How did hobbes describe the condition under which human beings lived in the state of nature?

Hobbes described the state of nature as a condition of war of every man against every man, where life was solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. In this state, there was no common power to keep individuals in check, leading to a constant state of conflict and insecurity. Hobbes believed that to escape this state of nature, individuals must enter into a social contract to form a commonwealth with a sovereign authority.

What did Thomas hobbes do?

Thomas Hobbes was an important enlightenment thinker. In his masterpiece Leviathan he said that people by nature were selfish and ambitious. He believed that the type of government needed to control this was absolute monarchy. It was a king of social contract or agreement among members of society, people submitted to an authoritarian ruler to prevent disorder. Although he was a monarchist , his idea of a social contract was important for the developement of democracy.(The answer is in italics in the end.)

What early philosopher said man is inherently evil?

The early philosopher who argued that man is inherently evil was Thomas Hobbes. He believed that without authority and strict control, humans would act in a selfish and violent manner, leading to a state of perpetual conflict.