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5. Please Please Me

4. I Wanna Hold Your Hand

3. She Loves You

2. Twist And Shout

1. Can't Buy Me Love

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All my loving

She loves you

Till there was you

I wanna hold your hand

I saw her standing there

(1st Ed Sullivan show)

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The Beatles acquired this feat in 1964.

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Q: What were the five songs the beatles sang on the Ed Sullivan show?
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Did the beatles sang satisfaction on ed Sullivan?

No, that was the Rolling Stones.

Who sang more beatles songs John or paul?

it's paul

How many songs did Ringo lead sing on?

While in the Beatles, Ringo wrote 2 songs, & sang on 11.

What role did Ringo Starr play in The Beatles?

He played the drums and sang a few songs.

Can you hear songs from The Beatles?

Yes, but you can't buy any Beatles music on iTunes except for the stuff sang by "fake" beatles. You would need to buy a CD to listen to their music.

How much songs did Ringo sings of the beatles songs?

Off the top of my head, I can name all 11 Beatles songs that Ringo sang lead. They are:BoysI Wanna Be Your ManMatchboxHoney Don'tAct NaturallyWhat Goes On (co-written by Ringo)Yellow SubmarineWith A Little Help From My FriendsDon't Pass Me By (the first song he wrote)Good NightOctopus's Garden (written by Starr)He also sang backing vocals on many other songs. All four Beatles are also credited for three songs ("Flying", "Dig It" and "Maggie Mae")

What was Ringo Starr's role in the beatles?

He was mainly the drummer. He also sang, played the piano, wrote songs, and other things.

Who sang god bless hookey street?

According to wikipedia John Sullivan "performed" the opening and closing songs as well as wrote them.

Who sang in the beatles?

All four of the beatles sang. It was mostly John Lennon and Paul McCartney though.

What did Ringo Starr do in the Beatles?

Played drums and percussion, and sang. Also wrote songs later, and played piano here and there, but not usually on record.

Which song dıd george harrison sıng?

With the Beatles, George sang popular songs such as "Here Comes the Sun", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", many many good songs.

Who sang misery?