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Michael Jackson has had many popular songs to his credit. From his album thriller came two hits. They were "Thriller" and "Billie Jean"' Other popular songs were "Bad", "Man in the Mirror", and "Black or White".

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Q: What were some of Michael Jackson's most popular songs?
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What was Michael jacksons most popular?

Thriller and Billie Jean.

Who wrote Michael Jacksons songs?

Michael wrote most of them, but other people like Seidah Garett and Rod Temperton helped out and gave him other songs that became hits. Seidah co-wrote "Man in the Mirror", and "Rod Thriller".

Who sings the most popular song in the world?

Micheal jacksons thriller

What are the most popular disco songs of the 1980 s?

Disco music started in the 1970s and then it was a very popular style of music .Disco's popularity declined in the 80s. The most popular disco hits of the 80s include Queens Another One Bites The Dust and Can You Feel It by the Jacksons.

What popular songs were made in 2001?

what were the most popular songs in 2001

Which of Michael Jacksons albums is most successful?

Thriller is his most sucessful reaching over 100million sold

What are Michael Jackson's three most famous songs?

Michael Jackson's most famous songs are:-Billie JeanBeat itThriller

What are some of Jewel's most popular songs?

Jewel has many songs that are super popular within culture. One of her most popular songs is called 'Hands' and is the one that is the most played on the radio.

What was the most popular album of Michael Jackson?

The most popular album of Michael Jackson was Thriller.

What are the most popular songs by Gucci Man?

The most popular songs by Gucci Mane are "Icy", "Traphouse", and "My Chain".

What are Skillet's most popular songs?

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Which Michael Jackson song made the most money?

Thriller made the most money of Michael Jackson's songs.

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