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Michael did it first, Alien Ant Farm just did a cover

Michael Jackson's was made in 1988 and Alien Ant Farm's was made in 2001.

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Q: Who wrote Smooth Criminal first Michael Jackson or Alien Ant Farm?
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In 2001 which band covered Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal'?

It was Alien Ant Farm.

Has anyone covered any of Michael Jackson's songs?

Alien Ant farm covered Smooth Criminal

Who made the song smooth criminal?

Michael Jackson originally made it in 1987, Alien Ant Farm did a cover of the song in 2001.

Who sang any cover versions of Michael Jackson?

Fall Out Boy covered 'Beat It' Alien Ant Farm covered 'Smooth Criminal' Sabrina, London, UK

From what artist did Alient Ant Farm cover the song Smooth Criminal?

Alien Ant Farm covered Michael Jackson's original song Smooth Criminal in 2001. The cover went to number 1 in Australia and New Zealand, and number 3 in the UK.

Who choreographed smooth criminal?

Michael Jackson was the original artist; "Smooth Criminal" was a hit from his album 'Bad' in 1988. It was included on the compilation album 'Number Ones' in 2003, and the single was re-released in 2006. Alien Ant Farm released a cover version in 2001.

When did the rock band Alien Ant Farm sing Smooth Criminal?

Alien Ant Farm released "Smooth Criminal" on July 24, 2001.

Who is the kid in the Michael Jjackson smooth criminal video?

[re: Bobby Edner. It took me like an hour to find this out]No, it wasn't Bobby Edner. Bobby Edner was the kid dancing in the Alien Ant Farm video of Smooth Criminal. I believe the kid in the Michael Jackson video (short film) of Smooth Criminal was Brandon Adams.

Who was the kid in the alien ant farm's smooth criminal video?

Bobby Edner. Your welcome to everyoneMy husband and I was having a discussing about who wrote and sang Smooth Criminal first and he was arguing with me that it was not Micheal Jackson and I went on the internet to prove my husband that he was I won!!!!

Who has remakes of Michael Jackson songs?

Alien Ant Farm covered Smooth Criminal on their 2003 release truAnt. A whole lot more people than Alien Ant Farm. To name a few Fugees - Ready or Not Chaka Khan - Got To Be There Troop - All I do is Think of You Mariah Carey - I'll Be There Envogue - Hold On

What is the song of American Pie 2 when Jim is walking on the roof?

"Smooth Criminal" by "Alien Ant Farm"

Was Micheal Jackson actually an alien cyborg on a mission to kill Obama?

No. But that was slightly funny when Michael Jackson was still alive.