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Wanna be Startin' Somethin'

Baby be Mine

The Girl is Mine


Beat It

Billie Jean

Human Nature

P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing)

The Lady in My Life


The Way You Make Me Feel

Speed Demon

Liberian Girl

Just Good Friends

Another Part of Me

Man in the Mirror

I Just Can't Stop Loving You

Dirty Diana

Smooth Criminal

Leave me Alone

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he wrote a load of songs of dangerous album :


Why you wanna trip on me

In the closet

She drives me wild

Remember the time (my Favorite)

Cant let her get away

Heal the world

Black or white

Who is it

Give into me

Will you be there

Keep the faith

Gone Too soon And Dangerous

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Here are some of MJ's more memorable hits from the 1990's

From 1991's Dangerous:

-Black Or White (which hits number one and contains a controversial short film)

-Remember The Time

-Heal The World (famously performed during the 1993 Super Bowl)

-Will You Be There (Theme for the movie "Free Willy")

From 1995's HIStory:

-Scream (a duet with sister Janet and its short film holds the record for the most expensive music video ever made at around $7 Million)

-You Are Not Alone (which becomes the first song in history to debut on the charts at #1)

-Earth Song (The UK's #1 of X-mas 1995)

-They Don't Care About Us (which originally contained controversial lyrics and had 2 different short films each directed by Spike Lee)

From 1997's Blood On The Dance Floor/HIStory in the Mix:

-Blood On The Dance Floor (#1 in the UK)

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Michael Jackson has had many popular songs to his credit. From his album thriller came two hits. They were "Thriller" and "Billie Jean"' Other popular songs were "Bad", "Man in the Mirror", and "Black or White".

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Michael Jackson's number 1 hits in 1988 included: "The Way You Make Me Feel", "Man in the Mirror" and "Dirty Diana"

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Bad, Beat it, Billie Jean, and Thriller, not necessarily in that order.

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black or white

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Q: What were Michael Jackson's 1988 Billboard Number 1 hits?
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When was Michael jacksons version of come together recorded?

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What acapella song reached number one on billboard music 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989?

The only acapella song to reach number one during those years was Don't Worry Be Happy in 1988

What song was number at one in the charts on 2nd September 1988?

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What song was number one in the charts on 2nd September 1988?

Monkey by George Michael

When did Man in The Mirror reach Number 1 on the billboard charts?

Michael Jackson's hit song 'Man in the mirror' was released as a CD single on January 18, 1988 from the album bad. In June/July 2009, it re-entered the charts following Michael Jackson's death and peaked at Number 2, much higher than it had originally reached.

Who wrote the 1988 song called 'The Flame'?

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