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The number was 44.

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Q: What was the winning raffle ticket number in The Andy Griffith Show episode 49 The Jinx?
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How did Mandy McGuire die in shameless?

Mandy was killed by Mickey causing a spark from the doorbell whilst in an attempt to save her from the clutches of the same person who got Paddy addicted to Heroin. Mandy went round there to collect a ' wallet with raffle tickets for the Jockey'. That episode, I cried.

When did Dean Martin get a glass eye?

He didn't. You may be thinking of Dean's friend, and fellow Rat-Packer, Sammy Davis, Jr. Also, in the movie The Sons of Katie Elder (1965), he carried a glass eye as a conversation piece. In one scene he pretended the glass eye was actually needed but in need of money was willing to raffle it to raise some money. After the winner of the raffle claimed the eye, Dean Martin's character offered to buy it back for less than the amount of the raffle proceeds, claiming he would feel bad not having it. The winner relented and sold it back to him. When Dean Martin's character started to put the glass eye in his pocket, the winner of the raffle asked him if wasn't going to put it in his eye. Dean Martin asked, "Don't you think it will be awfully crowded?" and raised his eye patch to reveal he still had a good eye.

What is the reaping in the Hunger Games?

The reaping is when all the citizens in each district between 12-18 are to report to the Justuce Building (Which to me is like a small White House). Then one boy and one girl are picked in a raffle. The ones that are picked go into the Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV.

How do you get money in realm of the mad god?

You can’t money FROM the game, you pay the game to give you coins which is completely optional and you don’t have to do it unless if you really wanna. Coins are most used for stuff from the shop, vault spaces, potion holders, and Character slots

What actors and actresses appeared in Da Block Party - 2004?

The cast of The Boom - 2005 includes: Maninder Chana as Laloobhai, The Director Sherry Gundu as The Slate Girl Ayman Hassan as The Actor Maj Martin Qureshi as The Camera Guy Rashmi Mistry as The Actress Anand Rajaram as The Boom Guy Dinesh Sachdev as The Explosives Guy

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1 out of 12

What is the probability of winning a reverse raffle with 200 numbers?

for each ticket, it is the same as a regular raffle: one in 200

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What is the probability of winning a raffle if 500 tickets are sold and you buy 5 of them?


At a fundraising event 50 gift cards are awarded to each of 10 raffle winners. The total number of possibilities of winning a gift card can be found using a permutation.?


What if total of 50 raffle tickets are sold for a contest to win a car If you purchase one ticket what are your odds against winning?

What if total of 50 raffle tickets are sold for a contest to win a car If you purchase one ticket what are your odds against winning? 49 to 1

On TV's MASH who wins the raffle prize of a weekend in Tokyo with a nurse?

Father Mulcahy wins a rigged raffle in the pilot episode of the TV series "M*A*S*H".which was very funny

What are raffle tickets?

Hi, Raffle ticket is when many people purchase a ticket to get prize (online or from stores) and the result is announced under a raffle draw. Some people may not be lucky enough to get the prize but their ticket amount goes to waste. Winztime UAE gives you a Chance to win amazing gifts when you Buy gym products in Dubai from their campaigns. For further details, visit " winztime . com "

Is deals real?

It's a raffle website. If you pay $1 for a raffle ticket, and win a TV -- is that a "real deal?" What is the probability of winning? (Note: since you can buy at "full price" if you don't win -- they still get the MSRP markup.)

What is the probability that you will win if you buy one of 200 raffle tickets to win a television?

The odds are 1 in 200. The probability of winning is 0.005.

Where to get roulette wheel in Mafia Wars?

on the daily chance raffle. you have to get 3 winning numbers in your ticket[s] to win a daily chance collection item.

Where can one find more information about winning TVs?

When entering a raffle draw to win a television set, the site will usually provide a detailed and informative description of the requirements, specifics, and details of the raffle draw. You can receive the information you require by observing the information they provide on the site.