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La Vie En Rose

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Q: What was the song Melissa Manchester sang on Blossom in Paris?
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Who sang the song Midnight blue in the 1970's?

Melissa Manchester

Who originally sang pretty girls?

Melissa Manchester-1979

WHO sang kiss the day goodbye?

Melissa Manchester, I'm pretty sure. Its called "What I Did for Love"

Who sang cherry pink and apple blossom white?

Tab Hunter

Who sang cotton blossom in the movie showboat?

The song Cotton Blossom is sung by the chorus and is not attributed to any single cast member.

What country artist sang who am i?

the answer is paris

When was the treaty of Paris singed?

no one ever sang the treaty of paris. However, it was signed in 1783.

Who sang the song 'Baby Look at Us?

Canadian pop vocalist Sarina Paris sang Baby Look at Us.

What female artist sang I love how you love me?

Paris sisters-1961

Who sang la dolce vita in the 80's?

Ryan Paris

Who sang ice castles theme song?

After being privileged to view the movie today on TV, I had to find out that myself. The theme song "Through the Eyes of Love" was written by Marvin Hamlisch and Carol Bayer-Sager. It was sung by the gracious Melissa Manchester. I suggest that you go to I am sure that you will be pleased. Enjoy! I did!

What song does Paris and destinee sing on so random?

They sang "True Love" :)