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Hitler preached about the racial superiority of Aryans and portrayed Schmeling as a symbol of that superiority. Schmeling reluctantly accepted his role as a Propaganda tool. The win by Joe Lewis was seen as a win against the Germans.

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Q: What was the significance of the joe Louis vs max schmeling fight?
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In June 22 1938 ho won the fight- joe Louis or max schmeling?

Joe Louis of course! Knocked the German Max flat to the ground.

What actors and actresses appeared in Great International Heavyweight Boxing Contest Between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling - 1936?

The cast of Great International Heavyweight Boxing Contest Between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling - 1936 includes: Arthur Donovan as Himself - Referee Joe Louis as himself Max Schmeling as himself

What brought joe Louis and max shmelling together?

Joe Lewis and Max Schmeling came together twice with Schmeling winning the first bout by KO in round 12 and Louis winning the second by TKO in round 1.The circumstances leading up to their first fight were more boxing achievement / ranking than political. Schmeling had won the Heavyweight title in 1930 by disqualification from Jack Sharkey. However, after only one defense, he lost the title back to Sharkey in 1932.By the time Louis and Schmeling met for the first match in 1936, James Braddock held the title and Schmeling was ranked as the #2 contender, in line for a shot at the title held by Braddock. However, because Louis was so revered in the US, few (if any) truly believed that Schmeling would be a real threat to Louis. Maybe because Louis knew this, or maybe because he felt Schmeling was nonthreatening himself, he did not prepare for the fight with the intensity one would expect when readying to face the #2 contender for the Heavyweight Championship.Before the fight Schmeling said, quoting loosely, "I see something." Though he would not tell what it was that he saw, he believed it to be a flaw in the technique of Louis that he could exploit. Obviously, watching the fight footage, he was right!When the fight was underway, Schmeling was able to hit Louis with the straight right cross way too often. Schmeling's right became an offensive weapon for which Louis could find no good defensive answer.Finally, in round 12, Schmeling landed a right cross to the body followed by another to the chin, sending Louis down and out, leaving fans stunned.However, Louis trained for revenge with a vigor and, in 1938, stepped into the ring with Schmeling for a second time. This time Louis was ready! He won the rematch in the very first round by technical knockout after sending Schmeling to the canvas 3 times!Eventually, the two formed a friendship outside of the ring that lasted right up until Louis' death in 1981, where Schmeling was a pallbearer at Louis' funeral.

To whom did Joe Louis lose his first fight to and on what date?

His first loss was to former champion Max Schmeling, 19th June 1936 @ Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York.

Who won the Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year Award in 1936?

Joe Louis, even through he was stopped by Max Schmeling.

In 1938 Boxing champion?

Either Joe Louis or Max Schmeling. They were both heavyweight champions who faced each other in 1938.

What movie and television projects has Arthur Donovan been in?

Arthur Donovan has: Played Himself - Referee in "Max Baer vs. Max Schmeling" in 1933. Played Himself - Referee in "Max Baer vs. Joe Louis" in 1935. Played Himself - Referee in "Tony Canzoneri vs. Jimmy McLarnin" in 1936. Played Himself - Referee in "Great International Heavyweight Boxing Contest Between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling" in 1936. Played Himself - Referee in "Joe Louis vs. Jack Sharkey" in 1936. Played Referee in "The Pittsburgh Kid" in 1941. Played Himself - Referee in "World Heavyweight Championship: Joe Louis vs. Buddy Baer" in 1941. Played Himself - Referee in "The Big Fight: Jack Sharkey vs. Primo Carnera" in 1954. Played Himself - Referee in "Joe Louis vs. Arturo Godoy" in 1957. Played himself in "Modern Marvels" in 1994. Played himself in "Kings of the Ring: Four Legends of Heavyweight Boxing" in 2000. Played Himself - Louis-Schmeling referee in "On the Shoulders of Giants: The Story of the Greatest Team You Never Heard Of" in 2010.

Why was boxing match between joe Lewis and max schmeling such big story?

it was famous because it was during the times of world war two, Joe Louis represented America, while Max Schmelling represented the Soviet union.

Why is joe Louis famous?

Watch "Joe Louis: America's Hero Betrayed" and you will have your answer. Not only one of thee greatest heavyweight boxing champions of all time but a symbol for patriotism and democracy. Anyone alive in the World War II era knows the "Brown Bomber". His greatest victory may have been against Max Schmeling of Germany which was more then just a fight. It was good vs evil, America vs the Aryan Race.

Joe Louis What year did he fight in Tampa Florida?

He fought Omelio Agramonte in Miami, 7 feb 1951. That was Louis' only professional fight in Florida.

What are the release dates for World's Heavyweight Championship Fight Joe Louis vs- Abe Simon - 1942?

World's Heavyweight Championship Fight Joe Louis vs- Abe Simon - 1942 was released on: USA: 1942

How may times did James Braddock fight Joe Louis?

Braddock fought Louis once in 1937. He lost.