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The movie is called 12 Rounds

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Q: What was the name of the movie that john cena starred in and had to rescue his kidnapped wife?
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Is John Cena the wrestler in the army or the marines in real life?

No he isn't. He just starred in the movie: The Marine. P.S. It's john cena cause you spelt it wrong lol

Was John Cena ever in the military?

John Cena was not in the military. Cena was, however, enlisted in a military training program for a film that he starred in ("The Marine"), which is how he earned his own set of dog-tags.

What is the name of the psych episode that WWE superstarJohn Cena guest starred in?

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Who will be playing Fred father in the movie?

The one and only JOHN CENA.

Is John Cena making another movie?

yes, john cena is making another movie "12 rounds" which will release on march 27,2009.

In what movie did john cena star in 2006?

John Cena Stared in "The Marine" during 2006.

Did John cena play in bratz?

no John Cena does not play in the bratz movie my uncle lee did

What movie did john cena do in 2006?

The Marine.

Where was the movie legendary filmed with cena in it?


Who does john cena movie play in Fred the movie?

He plays Fred's dad.

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