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Their first album was called "It's About Time." ♫

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nick used to sing before the band was built the bands firt album was its about time it rocks they rock we love Jonas .may u live long.

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Ct Was Called "It's About Time"

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It's About Time

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Q: What was the jonus brothers first CD?
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Did the jonus brothers die?

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Who is a better singer jonus brothers or Justin Bieber?

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When are the Jonus brothers going to have their own show?

yes!!!! its coming out in may! its going to be called jonus brother:living the dream.

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What Are The Jonus Brothers Names?

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Where can you get a copy of the Jonas Brothers very first CD?

you can order its about time (jonas brothers first cd) on

What year did the Jonas brothers first CD come out?

The year that the Jonas Brothers first CD came out in was 2006.

What was the name of Jonas Brothers first CD?

The Jonas Brothers' first CD was called "It's About Time."