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From what I read, the first scenes that were shot were the fight scene, and the Baseball scene, which they described as the hardest ones to film/make. Hope I helped!

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In Washington, USA.

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Q: What was the first scene shot in the twilight movie?
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What is the difference between a movie scene and a movie shot?

A scene can contain multiple shots. A shot is one isolated take.

Was twilight the movie shot in forks Washington?

Unfortunately, vampire's don't exist, sorry. So no vamps in Forks.Different person's answer- Well I think Vampires do exist because I don't see how someone long ago could make up this beautiful sexy creature! lol

Where was the volturi scene in twilight filmed?

The shots of the town were in Italy, but the scenes with the Volturi were shot in Portland, Wa.

Where was the lake scene shot in the movie Lake Consequence?

lake placid

Where did they shoot charlie's house in twilight?

I believe they shot the house in Portland,Oregan. Most of the movie was actually shot their.

How long did it take to shoot the movie Twilight?

The movie was shot in 48 days (principal photography).

What are some unique facts about the film twilight?

well one about new moon is that in the cliff diving scene they used a computerized Bella and it was shot in a pool with a green screen :) I love twilight!

What chapter is the baseball scene in twilight?

It was shot in Oxbow Park in Gresham,Oregon. I lived there when they were filming it, they had their flyer up for extras.

Where was Rambo 2 filmed?

The movie was shot entirely on location in Mexico. The waterfall explosion scene was shot in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico and the rest of the movie in Tecoanapa, Guerrero, Mexico.

Where was the closing scene of the Mark Walhberg movie Shooter filmed either state or highway?

The scene of the log cabin at the end of the movie was shot on a back lot at Universal Studios, Universal City, California. The road scene was shot in British Columbia, Canada.See Sources and related links for additional information.

What rush hour movie did Isabella get shot in the neck?

Rush Hour 2. They have the scene in the casino, and Isabella ends up getting shot.