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Hounddog by Elvis Presley

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Q: What was the first rock song used in a commercial?
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What is the song they used in the icarly commercial for there new season?

party rock anthem

Has a Led Zeppelin song been used in an advert?

yeah they played Rock n' Roll for a cadillac commercial. yes, there was a cadillac commercial a few years ago that used one

In what commercial has Van Halen's song Right Now been used?

Right Now is a popular song by rock legends Van Halen. It won video of the year at the 1992 MTV Video Awards and was used in the commercial for Crystal Pepsi.

What commercial used the song Magic by Pilot?

It was used in a Pillsbury commercial. :)

What song is used in the Nokia 5300 commercial?

The Song Used In The Noia Commercial Is Digital Love By Daft Punk

What commercial was the song destiny by zero 7 used in?

A&E Commercial

What is the theme song used in the Boston Celtic tv commercial?

What is the song that is on the boston celtics team commercial

What song was used in the 2010 Atlanta Motor Speedway commercial?

Feels Like the First Time by Foreigner.

What was the song used for the Samsung Instinct commercial?

The song that was used for the Samsung Instinct Commercial was "Signal in the Sky" (Lets Go!) by "The Apples In Stereo".

What commercial uses tom jones's song it's not unusual?

If I remeber correctly the song was used for a mobile phone commercial.

What song is used in the nokia n82 commercial?

The song in the Nokia N82 commercial is For Andrew Bird, its called Self torture.

Who is the artist of the song used in the GE Cafe commercial?

The original song is by the Lemonheads.

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