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The song was actually created for the commercial. email if you want more info.

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Q: What is the song used for skinit TV Commercial?
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What is the theme song used in the Boston Celtic tv commercial?

Reqiem for a dream OR Also, traditionally "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns and Roses is played at the beginning of every game at the garden

What is the song used in the State Street Bank TV commercial?

DARREN SOLOMON wrote the song...

Was there ever a radiohead song used in a television commercial?

Yes, "No Surprises" from the album OK Computer was used in a commercial. It might have been a car commercial, but I can't recall.

What tv commercial used the song jingle because I'm a woman?


What tv show's theme song did maybelline's falsies commercial used to be?

Magnum pi

What product used Carly Simon's song Anticipation in a TV commercial?

Heinz Ketchup

What are the differences between jingles and commercials?

A jingle is a part of or can be the commercial. A jingle is a short, catchy song used in a radio or television commercial.

Which Otis Redding song was used in a Land Rover LR4 TV commercial?

Pain in my heart

Was there a tv show that used heart and soul as it's theme song?

The song Heart and Soul by T'Pau was never used in a TV show. It was however used in a commercial for Pepe jeans which made it famous.

Who sings a song with the lyrics searching your whole life for a TV commercial?

song in the refrigerator commercial

What is the song in the Buick enclave tv commercial?

In the 2010 commercial, the song is "On the Wing" by Owl City.

What was the song used for a WWE commercial in jack tv?

i think it's something from a perfect circle or tool.