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the first movie ever made using special effects was called Execution of Mary, Queen of Scotts. Made in 1895.

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Q: What was the first movie with special effects?
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What special effects did they use in the movie GREASE?

The special effects that were used in the movie Grease were created by computer. One of the special effects was the Teen Angel's aura.

What does a special effects coordinator do?

The special effects corrdinator makes the special effects for the movie and also makes it more interesting for the audience

Where can you get special effects?

Several movie maker programs on PC's and Mac's offer special effects.

Does the movie Matilda has special effects?

Yes, the movie Matilda has special effects. How else would they have made objects fly around the room?

Which movie has the best special effects?

There is no specific answer for that.

When was the first use of special effects?

The first use of special effects, as far as movies go, was in 1895. The first use of special effects, as far as video games are considered, was in the late 1990's.

What movie has the most special effects shots?


Info on special effects technician description and outlook of the career?

A special effects technician may do a lot of things on a movie or TV set. They are in charge of helping make sure all the sounds and special effects are available and ready for the movie or TV show.

What is meant by the term 'special effects' as applied to movies?

Movie special effects refer to work done through a computer after the film is made. For instance in Avatar they shot the entire movie in front of a green screen and then used special effects to add in the scenery and creatures.

How many movies have special effects in them?

Almost every movie has some kind of special effect in it.

What are the special effects in the movie Marley and me?

well they must have used a camera

What film won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects first?

The first Oscar award for Special Effects was presented for Cleopatra (1963). The name of the award was later changed to Special Visual Effects and currently Visual Effects.

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