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The first song by The Beatles to reach number one in the UK chart is 'I want to hold your hand'.

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The first song by The Beatles to reach number one in the UK chart is 'I want to hold your hand'.

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Please please me

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Q: What was the first Beatles single to reach number one in UK charts?
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In 1962 which Beatles hit was the first one to be number one?

their first single was love me do and their first number one hit was please please me on the UK charts.

Beatles first number 1 single?

From Me To You No. 1 date: 2. May1963 Weeks No. 1: 7 Country: UK

Was from me to you the beatles first number one?

No. Love Me Do was "Love Me Do" was the Beatles' first single, but it only reached #17 on the British charts. "Please Please Me" was their first #1, as George Martin predicted at the end of the recording session.MP

Which singles by the Beatles did not reach number one?

Penny Lane in 1967. "Love Me Do", their first Parlophone single, which only went to #17 in the British charts in 1962.

Was please please me the beatles first uk no1?

Probably; there wasn't a single chart when it was released - it was number one in most of the charts, but in the chart that became the "official" chart, it only reached number 2.

What was The Beatles first hit song?

1962. "Love Me Do" reached number one on the U.S. and Australian charts.

What was The Beatles' first hit in Germany?

"My Bonnie", where the Beatles backed singer Tony Sheridan, reportedly reached Number Five in the German record charts in 1961.

What was the beatles first number 1 hit?

Love me do only reached #17 on the British charts. The first #1 was Please Please Me.

What was the year the beatles first UK no 1?

In 1963.The Beatles' first single, Love Me Do, was released in 1962 and peaked at #17 in the UK.In 1963 their next single, Please Please Me, reached #1 in three of the four charts that were commonly referred to at that time, including the New Musical Express chart which was the most widely recognised one at that time.However it only reached #2 in the Record Retailer chart and it is that chart which is recognised by The Official UK Charts Company as well as by the standard reference book, The Guinness Book Of Hit Singles as the authoritative contemporary listing.The third single, From Me To You, did top the Record Retailer chart in 1963 so it's officially the Beatles' first indisputable number one hit single.

Did the beatles first single go to number one in the UK?

The Beatles first single was Released in October 1962 and was "Love Me Do" It was a top twenty UK hit, peaking at number seventeen on the charts. It was a US No.1 in 1964 and became a UK top ten hit (peaking at No4) in 1982 after it was re-released. The answer is No.

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What was the first single to reach number one in the UK charts?

bum bum pow