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It is a name of one homeless man, which the author met somewhere...

It is not about pink sweater :-)

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Q: What was the days of pearly Spencer about?
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What year did the days of pearly Spencer get released?

The song "Days of Pearly Spencer" was released in 1967.

When was The Days of Pearly Spencer - album - created?

The Days of Pearly Spencer - album - was created in 1988.

Who sang 'days of pearly splendour'?

It was called "The days of Pearly Spencer" and on the major-minor record label. Big hit in the 1960's IN UK

Who originally recorded The days of pearly Spencer?

"Days of Pearly Spencer" was written and recorded by David McWilliams in 1967. I love this little known song and play it ad-nauseum (to others). Anybody listening to popular music in the 1960's would almost certainly have to know this song. It was probably unfortunate that it had to compete with the Beatles and other megastars of the period. The oracle contains very little information about the artist or the song, other than it did not chart anywhere in the world and only reached 134 on Billboard in the US. Bad luck David, but I will listen to your fabulous song now, for a few hours.

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