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With Tony Sheridan, The Beatles (billed as the Beat Brothers) released a single, "My Bonnie" (A) and "When the Saints Go Marching In" (B). Recorded in May 1961, released in June. You can definitely recognized John's voice.

As the Beatles, the group's first release was "Love Me Do." Recorded Sept. 11, 1962, with "P.S. I Love You" on the B side, the single was released in England Oct. 5, 1962.

The first Beatles song released in the United States was "Please Please Me" on Vee Jay with "Ask Me Why" as the B side. It was released Feb. 25, 1963.

The first Beatles song released on Capitol Records in the U.S. was "I Want to Hold Your Hand" on Jan. 13, 1964.

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Love Me Do (B-side P.S. I Love You).

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Q: What was the beatles first song released?
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Which song was released first, LOVE ME DO, or SHE LOVES YOU?

Love Me Do was released before She Loves You by The Beatles.

Where did the Beatles first song?

The Beatles first song was contracted in Hamburg,Germany

When was the Beatles song Let It Be released?

The Beatles song Let It Be was released in May 8, 1970. Let It Be was written by Paul McCartney. Let It Be is also the name of the album that the song is in.

What was the beatles furst song that came out?

Their first recording as "The Beatles" was Love Me Do.

Is the song in the style of The Beatles in your life sung by The Beatles?

Yes, the song "In My Life" was composed and sung by The Beatles and Released on one of their albums called "Rubber Soul."

What Kenny loggins song was first recorded by the beatles?

"Here, There and Everywhere" written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and recorded by the Beatles was released on the "Revolver" album in 1966.

Were Uncategorized and Supervisor recently released by the Beatles?

Those aren't Beatles song, takes, or albums.

Was Michelle the first song the Beatles wrote?


Was 'i saw her standing there the beatles first song?


Is Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey a Beatles song?

No. Paul and Linda McCartney recorded and released the song in 1971, after the Beatles broke up.

When did the song yesterday come out?

The song "Yesterday" was released by The Beatles in 1965 as a single and later included on their album "Help!"

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The song 'Hey Bulldog' appeared first time in the Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' soundtrack album. That album was released in 1969 and contained total of five tracks.