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Q: What was the Elvis Costello song featured in a scene in the movie John tucker must die?
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What 2004 movie shares its name with an alias used by Elvis costello for his 1986 album blood and chocolate?

Napolean Dynamite.

Is there a soundtrack featuring Elvis Presley for an animated movie?

Yes, the Disney animated movie, "Lilo and Stitch" featured 7 Elvis Presley songs, the most of any film.

What is the name of song in frost bank tv commercial?

The beginning of it sounds like Elvis Costello's "B Movie" off of his Get Happy album.

Which movie featured Elvis Presley as the character Lucky Jackson and shared the title with a song that became a hit single for Presley?

Viva Las Vegas

Did lon chaney star in abott and costello movie?

Lon Chaney the silent movie actor did not star in an Abbott and Costello movie. But, his son Creighton Tull Chaney, (stage name Lon Chaney, Jr.) starred in the movie "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein."

What was the last movie made by Elvis?

Change of Habit was Elvis' last movie role but the documentary entitled "Elvis On Tour" as the last "movie" released.

What movie's all-star cast included Ben Affleck Dave Chappelle janeane garofalo Kate Hudson Courtney love jay mohr Christina ricci and Elvis costello as himself?

200 Cigarettes

What are some of the names of the songs on prison song movie soundtrack?

The movie Prison song came out in 2001. Among the songs that fans can enjoy on the movie's soundtrack are I Have A Song from Eric Roberson. Another song is Mom's Song from Mary J. Blige. Elvis Costello contributed Soul for Hire.

The movie tucker a man and his dream how did the big 3 react to tucker?


What movie titles contain the word book?

The Book of Eli The Book of LifeBook of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

What is Abbott and Costello's final movie?

Dance with me henry

Did bette midler make a movie with abbott and costello?