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Flipside of Mac the knife

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Beyond the sea

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Q: What was on the flip side of mack the knife?
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What is the duration of Mack the Knife film?

The duration of Mack the Knife - film - is 2 hours.

When was Mack the Knife created?

Mack the Knife was created in 1959-08.

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Mack the Knife?

When was Mack the Knife - film - created?

Mack the Knife - film - was created on 1989-11-17.

Is these the mack the knife that touck pickers on state street years ago?

Mack the knife was a fictional character in a song performed by Bobbie Darrin in the 1950Ís, Since Mack the knife is a fictional character he would not be on the street taking pictures.

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What song has Lotte Lenya and Lucy Brown in the lyrics?

Mack the Knife or Mac the Knife