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All you have to do is flip the CD around

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Q: What does it mean by flip to side B for 3D in Coraline?
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Is the Coraline movie in true 3d or red blue 3d?

green magenta 3d.

Does the flip video record in 3D?

The Flip HD does not record in 3d. BUT: you can click right here and do a faux 3d thing.

Is Coraline on real d 3D?

No, does it look like Shrek?? It is played by puppets made of plastelina.

When does Coraline the DVD come out?

Coraline is out in the UK on 12th of october 2009. there is also a limited edition DVD coming out on the same date with the 3D version included, with 4 pairs of 3D glasses. YAY!

What does side view mean?

The side view is a 2D representational drawing of a 3D construction

What is 3d hsbs?

3d horizontal side by side

What is the keyboard shortcut to the flip 3D view?


When is the vista flip 3d view available to vista?

When aero is enabled

When is vista flip 3D available to vista?

when using the Vista Aero interface.

Where are the coraline 3D glasses?

they were given to me at the theatre. the ticket cost an extra three bucks for the glasses, which was a little ridiculous, seeing how they were overpriced to begin with haha.

What Paper Mario game can you Flip in?

In Super Paper Mario you have the ability to Flip to 3D from 2D, you can not do this in any other Paper Mario games.

What is a 3d software?

a software of 3d with a side of fries