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I think that she needed emotion and fire behind it to truly inspire the rebels. Throughout the books she was never a good actress, and without something real, or real emotion, she never would have been able to pull off an effective propo.

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Q: What was necessary for katniss to create a truly effective propo for the rebellion?
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Where is district 12 in The Hunger Games?

First of all, you should read the books. But here's the answer: After reaping training starts. Katniss scores 11 out of 12. Peeta scores 8 out of 12. When the games start 13 tributes die at the begging. Then, Katniss is dieing of thirst. She finds water eventually. She finds Peeta with careers. She cuts down a tracker jacker hive Rue pointed out. Some careers quickly run. While others pick up supplies then run. Glimmer and another girl die from stings. Katniss had gotten 3 stings. Peeta tells her Cato's coming, and she runs away. Later, after she passes out, she awakes to find Rue giving her medicine. They create a plan to destroy career's food. After Katniss does that, she goes to where she was suppose to meet Rue. Marvel kills Rue then Katniss kills Marvel. Katniss sings Rue a song. Then, game makers change rules. Katniss finds Peeta. Then she goes to feast. She uses medicine. Peeta collects night lock, poisonous berries, then foxface eats them and dies. Then, Thresh dies from Cato. Peeta and Katniss go to cornucopia. Cato comes running with mutts chasing him. He climbs up cornucopia and puts Peeta in a choke hold. If katniss shoots Cato down Peeta will fall and die with him. Then peeta draws an x in cato's hand and katniss shoots him there, making him realise peeta and fall to his death. Then peeta and katniss win the hunger games.

What is the main idea of 'The Hunger Games'?

The main idea of the Hunger Games the book itself is that people can create a destructive world.The main idea of the Hunger Games is to show how people, no matter how big or small, can overcome any problem they put their mind to. It also shows the incredible cruelty of dictators and how people can mindlessly go along with things just because others may be doing it.

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How did Peeta get hurt during the hunger games?

Peeta was cut on his upper leg by Cato, the District 2 tribute. According to Katniss, the cut went straight to the bone. Because of not treating the wound properly, infection set in and blood poisoning resulted. He also received multiple tracker jacker stings on his upper body. Later in the book, Peeta's leg is mauled/ripped badly by one of the wolf muttations. The wound is so bad Katniss must create a tourniquet to staunch the flow of blood that, if allowed to continue, would have killed Peeta. Peeta's leg was hurt so badly, at the following Victor's interviews Katniss discovers he has a prosthetic leg.

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What was the purpose of The Hunger Games?

Katniss finds herself in a tough position. Her friends, family, and people that she doesn't even know want her to be their mockingjay. This means that she would be their symbol of rebellion. After awhile Katniss finds herself at the Capitol. Can she kill president Snow? Can she even live??? Main Idea: Katniss wants to rebel against the Capitol and she then starts an army of the districts.

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What does Katniss do with the wire during the 75th Hunger Games?

Katniss gave the wire to Beetee who used it to create a rig that would in theory, destroy the force field in the arena of the 75th Hunger Games, a Quarter Quell. They succeeded and Katniss, Beetee, and Finnick were saved and taken to District 13.

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