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Sebastian Cabot.

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Q: What was mr. french's first name on family affair?
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What is name of the hat that the frenchs wears?

beret ( pronounced brrr-ay)

What was the name of Brian Keiths character in family affair?

It was Bill Davis.

Who played latch key kid on family affair Her name on the show was Lana?

Susan Benjamin Neher (a simple google of "family affair + Lana + imdb" found the answer)

What was the name of Buffy's doll on TV series family affair?

Mrs Beesley

Name the three kids on TV's Family Affair?

Buffy, Jodi, Cissy

What was the name of Buffy's doll on the TV series Family Affair?

Mrs. Beesley

What is the name of the movie where the parents die their kids live with the butler and the girl's name is Buffy?

Family Affair

What is family name or first name?

In the United States and most western countries, the first name is not the same thing as the family name. The first name is the personal name and the last name is the family name.

The first person with the family name santiago?

the first person family name santiago

What is meant by first name and last name?

Last name is the name of the family-father's last name, or mother's last name. First name is the name given to certain member's of the family. For example: John Smith. Smith is the name of the family (father's family or mother's family). John is a specific member of the Smith family.

What is a first name?

In European-based naming systems, the 'first' name is your 'given' name, and your 'last' name is your 'family' name. The first name is sometimes referred to as your 'Christian' name. For example, Justin Biebers First/Gaven name is Justin but his last/family name is bieber(The order is reversed in many Asian cultures, in which the first name is the family name.)

Is Dean a family name or a first name?

Dean can be used as either a personal name or a family name.