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It was Bill Davis.

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Q: What was the name of Brian Keiths character in family affair?
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Was Brian Keith in The Partridge Family?

No he was not. There was a character named Keith in the Partridge Family and the second actor who played Christopher was named Brian Forester, but Brian Keith was not in the Partridge Family. Brian Keith was in a show called 'Family Affair.'

Who played uncle bill in tv series family affair?

brian keith

Which Family Guy character was born in Austin Texas?


Brian Forster replaced Jeremy Gelbwaks as what Partridge Family character?


What show had a Mrs Beasley doll?

Family Affair, a 60's sitcom with Brian Keith and Sebastian Cabot.

What cartoon character eats snozages?

Brian from Family Guy goes crazy for snozages.

What is the purpose of the character Brian in the 'Family Guy'?

The purpose of the character Brian on the show Family Guy is two fold. He supplies comic relief while also saying things as a canine that a human would not be able to get away with saying.

Why can Brian be heard on Family Guy?

Brian is fully heard & converses with everyone because that's the way the character was designed. He's simply an anthropomorphic dog.

What actors and actresses appeared in A Family Affair - 2008?

The cast of A Family Affair - 2008 includes: Brian Felber as Chris Warren Herr as Wayne Rosanna Locke as Aunt Celeste Wesley Martens as Grandpa Frank Emily Morrison as Diane Jeff Vernon as Sam

What show does New Brian star in?

The character of "New Brian" was featured on the animated television series "Family Guy". The series premiered in January 2009 for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Who was the kid who was stuck in the rail on an affair to remember?

In the movie An Affair to Remember (1957) the little 5 year old boy who was stuck in the railing is easily recognized as one of the Corcoran family. This one was actor and producer Brian Corcoran (1951).

What song does Bryan play in family guy?

Brian is the family Dog Brian is the family DOG

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