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when Bella got the papercut everything happened so fast and he was only able to help when Bella had been pushed and landed in glass so when she got the actual papercut he would have been watching what happened.

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He removed the broken glass and stitched her arm.

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Q: What was carlisle doing when Bella got a paper cut?
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Whose gift does Bella cut her finger on in new moon?

from Carlisle & Esme

What was Bella opening when she got the paper cut?

She was opening either Pheonix plane tickets from Carlisle and Esme or a new truck stereo that everyone else thought she needed.

In the movie Twilight New Moon does Bella cut her arm?

Yes in a way. She get's a paper cut from the wrapping paper

How does Bella cut herself at her Birthday party?

She is opening a present from the Cullen family and gets a paper cut from the wrapping paper

What present did Bella get a paper cut from?

It was Edwards gift. I think that its a CD of her lullaby.

When Bella Swan opened her gifts what all happend and how?

Bella is opening her birthday gifts and she gets a paper cut. Jasper then lunges at Bella because of the blood.

What does Jasper do to Bella on her birthday?

On her birthday, Bella gets a paper cut while opening gifts. Aroused, Jasper runs and attacks Bella. Edward holds him back from hurting her, but Bella is terribly injured.

What happens in the second chapter in the second sequel new moon after Bella has blood all over her arms?

Well, The Cullens stop Jasper from atacking Bella, then Carlisle takes Bella into the kitchen to get her arm cleaned up and I think he also tells her a story. Then Bella gets changed into some of Esme's clothes to hide the cut from Charlie. Hope that helps. -Carlisle tells her about Edward (GREEN eyed Edward Anthony Massen)and his family before Carlisle turned him and why he had turned Edward. He also tells her how Edward feels about his soul and how he is damned and that he truly feels that way which is why it's impossible in Edwards eyes to turn Bella

What happens to Bella's arm in the new moon?

She was at the Cullens house (it was her birthday) and she was opening a present when she got a paper cut. Jasper couldn't control himself and jumped towards her but then Edward pushed Bella away and some glass cut her.

Who tries to bite Bella in new moon?

Jasper tried to bite Bella in New Moon when she gets a paper cut at the beginning, but Edward is able to read his thoughts and stop him.

When does Edward leave Bella to move?

Edward leaves Bella shortly towards the beginning of New Moon, after Bella's birthday party. During her party, Jasper attempted to attack Bella due to a paper cut she received while opening a present.

What happens in new moon when Bella bleads?

Bella gets a paper cut then jasper wants to attack her so edward pushes her out of the way she smashes the table and gets a even bigger cut so then edwards dad stiches her up.